Power Flushing in Bridgend

Why should I power flush my system?

Power flushing is an effective measure to clean your central heating system including, pipework, radiators and all through your cylinder and boiler. There are numerous of benefits resulting from power flushing in Bridgend but there are also numerous reasons of why you ought to look at a power flush in the first instance.

Total boiler failure

If no other fault exists on your boiler but it still shows problems it might be over heating due to abnormal heat accumulation as a result of sludge and deposits restricting heat transfer. It must be documented that if your boiler has failed as a consequence of sludge due to not having a power flush your warranty is going to be void.

Fuel wastage

In untreated boilers debris in the form of sludge, deposits, rust and scale deposits accumulates which restricts the flow of water and ultimately heat from reaching all the parts of the system. This means lost heat, you will have to turn up your heating system to compensate which will cost you additional money.

Little or no hot water

This may be a direct result blocked pipes and heat exchanger caused by a surplus build up of sludge or deposits which can be easily resolved by power flushing in Bridgend.

Cold radiators

If your radiators are cold at the bottom but hot at the top this indicates sludge build up in your system. This is the consequence of a build up of iron oxide sludge at the bottom of your radiator (as the sludge is heavier than water) which leads to a restriction of the flow of water.

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